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Egg Holders

Egg Stands
Egg Holders


#11-ES Small Egg Stand

#12-EL Large Egg Stand

#15-EOE Emu/Ostrich Egg Stand

Enjoy the beauty of your collector cups and saucers now.

decorative eggsDesigned to hold decorative eggs of varied sizes, the stands illustrated on the left accommodate marbles and crystals equally well.

They will even nest to raise an object for better display. 

Each stand is reversible, so the small (#11-ES) stand will take a quail (or smaller); reversed, a chicken, while the largest stand holds an ostrich egg and reversed, a 6 to 8 inch sphere. As shown the stands are indented so eggs can be laid on their side if the design is appropriate.


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Egg Holders, Plate Hangers, Plate Settings, Plate Stands

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